Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane Isaac - 4:30 PM Tuesday

You can tell the air is damper and the wind is stronger.  But we still have not seen rain.  I will take a video later in the night and maybe tomorrow and you can see the difference in the winds!  This is my first blogging video.  I hope it works!  LOL  The sound you hear is the trees but the wind is hitting the microphone on the camera.  It sounds like thunder but it is not.  There is eerily no sound at all except for the trees.

The birds know.  They are gorging themselves.  This is the third time I have filled the three feeders today alone.  And I see larger birds than usual, like the black grackles and the huge bluejays.  I tried to get some bird shots but they are flighty and hear me even at the window.  Hugeaux runs them when I open the door and they know he is here!

Here they are, I had to
sneak to the window
Hugeaux is settled on the sofa with Frank watching the weather channel.  He has the A/C turned down to the 60's thinking that if he keeps the house cool, and the electricity goes out, we will be cooler longer.  We shall see about that.

On the 3rd day after Gustav, we were plain hot!  And tired of the food from the ice chest.  So we went out looking to see what we could see.  Jasmine's, a small and totally local restaurant, had opened and was frying catfish and french fries in a huge butane burner like you boil crawfish in on their parking lot.  And the dinners were $5.  So we stopped and ate outside with other weary survivors.  I don't even like catfish.

Walmart is closing at 5 PM.  The grocery stores are mostly closed.  All the ATMs have run out of cash.  And the ice machines are out of ice.  It is time for everyone to go home.  There is a curfew in two parishes outside of Baton Rouge from dusk to dawn.  And the sheriff's in those smaller towns mean business.  You will be stopped and the worst will be thought.  If you have no good reason to be out, stay home!

Looting is often bad in these times when people have left, neighbors are tight inside and they think no one is looking.  That is why most people don't ever leave.  Stay out of my house!  Go home!

The police and EMTs will not come and get you out of a predicament in the middle of a hurricane!  You are on your own.  The power companies pull their workers out at 35 mph sustained winds.   You just tough it out until the storm passes.  So you had better prepare!

I am seeing some sun out my window at this moment.  Odd.

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