Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Now I Am the Celebrity

When I left the house this morning, I just went to the grocery store.  No make-up, no fancy clothes.  Just me in my jeans and t-shirt.

And by 2 PM I had been interviewed by CNN, WAFB, WBRZ and The Advocate.  So you will see my grungy clothes and my unkempt hair.  But my words are from my heart.  I will have the links up as soon as I get them.  And you can see me in my glory!  LOL.  Be mindful, I had not known I would be on TV when I left for the grocery store!

All this is because of the dog, now named Jimmy, who was viciously tossed over the fence at CAAWS this weekend.  We have him on surveillance camera.  Right in front of the Illegal Dumping Statute sign!

Now with over 2000 facebook hits, the illegal dumper's face is being seen by hundreds of people.  Julie and I are still attending the court dates for the Norton and now the Greenwood dumpers.  When will the cruelty end?

In the last dumping episode with Jean Norton, who was ultimately convicted of Cruelty To Animals in East Baton Rouge Parish, I had people wonder:  Well, aren't you an animal shelter?  Don't you WANT animals?

Actually we are not a shelter.  The public shelter is located at Animal Control for East Baton Rouge Parish.  We are a 501(c)3 non profit organization who pulls dogs and cats from kill shelters, vets them and rehomes them.  Our main focus, however, is offering low cost spay/neuter services to the population of EBR.  We also provide humane education to schools and library programs when we are able to be in those places.

So the short answer is:  No, we are not a shelter, we do not have unlimited resources or space to house all unwanted animals and we have large hearts that find the behavior of this man abhorrent 

Jimmy will be vetted this week, although sometimes it takes a while for us to get an appointment because vets give is discounted visits.  And we will have him neutered and then he will be up for adoption.  If anyone is interested in fostering or adoption, you can hop over the the CAAWS website and let them know.  I am not in that division.  (Makes us sound large and professional, huh?!)


Jimmy is in good hands, but who knows if this idiot may have other dogs who are not.


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