Friday, August 17, 2012

Out, Out Damn Lizards! Finally Finished

Vidalia LA (Not famous for the onions)
You will be pleased to know I am finished quilting the lizards on Dan's Quilt.  I made a concerted effort for the last three days to work on picking out the three rows of bad lizards.  I spent all day today re-quilting the three rows.

Emerald Mound - Natchez Indians
Then all of a sudden I noticed half of another row midway in the quilt that I had started to unpick and only got part of the way.  The reason I didn't notice it right off is because I started undoing it from the underneath.  Now why did I do that?

So I finished undoing about 1/2 of the row on one side and part of a lizard on the other side.  And I made quick work of re-quilting the row for the finish!

Mount Locust Hiking
Unfinishes Longwood Plantation
Looking up to the dome
I inspected the remaining rows.  When I was satisfied that it would be workable, I actually took the damn quilt off the frame!  Yes!

And it felt good!

Cemetary at Mt. Locust Inn dates from 1812

I was going to replace it with my mystery quilt but the back needs to be squared up and I don't have enough space.  I have to wait until I go to The Red Stick to lay it out on the tables unfettered.

Meanwhile I will choose something quick to put on there.  Like maybe the second dino quilt.  Or a cow.  Or maybe the chicken quilt.  Whatever it is, you can bet your sweet bippy that it will be a simple pattern that will be quick to work!  LOL.

glen:  and easier to take out if I have to!  For sure!

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