Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Squirrels in Trouble Go To LSU

During Gustav, over 200 squirrels were taken to the LSU Vet School.  They just said that so far about 50 squirrels have been taken to LSU.  And they asked that you NOT take squirrels there, but that you let them get back into their nests.  Squirrels will have 5 or 6 nests so if they lose one, they have others to go to.  I guess they got tired of taking in homeless squirrels!

We have a  couple of nice big squirrel nests in our trees.  DiNozzo wants to climb up and hide in one and wait for the squirrels to come home.

I did get my Plaid Bargello quilted.  A zig zag pattern.  Frank held it up for me.  But I am not sure you can really see all the quilting well. I calculated there are 1512 squares on the front and 185 on the back for a total of 1327 squares!  See the ribbons behind it?  Those are Dutch's show ribbons!  He was my beautiful Swissy Champion.

The rain continues.  The eye is heading directly toward us in Baton Rouge.  Some 500,000 people are without electricity and we continue to have lights!  Yeah!  The eye is now at Donaldsonville, south of us.  And they say it is going so slowly it will take 4 hours to get here.  I could bike to Donaldsonville in less time than that!

The generator sounds can be heard in the subdivision behind us.  That is where the sounds of explosions from the substation are coming from.

The wind and rain continue.  Our toilets are no longer flushing, so yes, Carrie, you cannot flush here during a storm.  The lines get full of water, so obviously there is a leak somewhere in the line.  Baton Rouge has been under federal mandate to upgrade the sewer systems for years now.  Millions of state and federal dollars have been spent and I still can't flush my toilets when it rains hard.



  1. So glad that you still have power. I've been sewing harnesses today and every time I take a break I check in on you and you are still here! Hope that eye passes over you soon. Stay safe!

  2. Hope you make it without losing power. Thanks for sharing the videos.

  3. No squirrels! Mine are all on their own ... they are part of the reason I don't have cable right now I am sure. Stay safe and keep power! We still have power but winds are getting really bad and rain is harder. Eye is suppose to pass very close to us but I am hoping it won't.

  4. If you click the photo of the back of your bargello, you CAN see all your perfectly straight and parallel zig-zag quilting.

    I'm glad you are weathering the storm well. I loved the shot of the dogs at the door looking out at you and it was nice to hear what you sound like--great accent!

  5. It's Thursday now and no new posts from you. Hope you are safe and just missing some electric. We'll be looking forward to hearing from you when you return to the blogging world. :)

  6. I never heard of such a thing as saving squirrels. How would you catch the darn things to save them? The quilt looks great! I played your videos for a woman here at work who is from Texarcana (spelling?). She loved your crepe myrtals.

  7. Since you haven't posted you must have lost power - he it comes on soon and you and your family are ok. I'm sure you are, being smart and resourceful people. I find it odd with all the displaced and lost animals in a hurricane people would focus on squirrels but whatever floats ones boat, I guess.
    You have to name the Bargello (which is gorgeous by the way) something to do with Issac since you will think of this storm when you look at it. I know this is wierd but how about "hot buttered soul" which was the name of one of Issac Hayes's first albums?
    Any ideas - other followers?


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