Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stash report 8-12-12

Just got back from a weekend in Natchez Mississippi where we celebrated our 40 th anniversary by staying in a real plantation for the weekend and being pampered by the fabulous staff!  This was a gift from our wonderful daughter!

Because of the excitement with Jimmy the Tossed Dog I didn't get nearly what I wanted done in the last three days of the week.  Too busy doing interviews on the local news shows.

And for being a good girl and not complaining about driving the 16 miles through a battlefield (which is just another name for a FIELD for heaven's sake people!) I got to go to The Stitch N Frame, which is a fabulous quilt shop, where he sat through 8000 bolts of fabric without complaining.  And I bought two jelly rolls at 25% off.  So what is that........2.5 x 28 = 2 yards each to add to the pot.

used this week 3.5
used in august -3.5
added this week 5
Add in August 5
Used YTD -124
Added YTD 127.18
Stash reduction 3.18

Anyway, another week in the positive side of things.......hoping to be in the negative next week if I can get the quilt currently on the frame undone and redone and completed.

glen:  I also have some photos from the quilt shop in the library and from beautiful houses in Mississippi and maybe even the battlefield!


  1. Gee, Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had a nice time celebrating. Hope you two have many many more years together. :)

  2. Your enhancement project is going well. LOL


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