Sunday, August 5, 2012

stash report for 8-5-12 - and I was doing so well, too

Not much going on here with using it up.  However no new stuff came in this week and I did get to use up some.

Take that back, new stuff DID come in this week in the form of the purple outer border for the pumpkin quilt.  I found I had bits and pieces of purples, not enough of anything for a decent outer border and not enough of it all for one border.

So I broke down and bought one that would do.  I still am working on making it work though.  I need a break between the candy corn border and the purple border.  So far nothing is working.

Check in tomorrow to see my Design Wall and help me with my dilemma maybe.

No matter what, I have still bought about 1 yard more than I have used.  And I was doing so well until the store had that great moving sale at 60% off!

used this week -1.55
used in august -1.55
added this week 1
Add in August 1
Used YTD -122.05
Added YTD 123.18
Stash reduction 1.13


  1. You can always give me a couple of yards. Wink!

    1. I couldn't in good conscience, put you over your limit in stash. As a good friend, I need to protect you from the dangers of being too far in the positive side. I do that BECAUSE I am such a good friend!!!


  2. Using as much as you brought in is pretty good. Looking forward to seeing your finished pumpkin quilt.


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