Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SubStation Blows and the Mississippi Flows UpRiver

I was out in the yard pottying the dogs and looking at the branch that fell on the deck.  I could hear the substation behind us about 200 feet blow.  It sounded very loud.  We are not on that substation but the street behind us and the front of our subdivision are.

It is continuing to blow every couple of seconds.  You can feel it in your body, like it is electricity.  It is really odd.

We still have lights, and daughter Carrie still has lights.  Ann does not, she lives across town.  And her son in Covington has had it worse than we have nearly all night.  He has no electricity.

Somehow we are lucky.  But we don't know for how long if the substations are blowing.

The wind is definitely up to the 45 or higher range now.

And what I wanted to say in the last post that Louisianians Know is that the Mississippi River flows UPRIVER when the storm surge comes in.  It was flowing upriver when the storm was sitting out there by Plaquemines Parish and Point Eads.

Lets see if I can put my tree on the deck video up for you.


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