Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday - Eat a Quilt Book Day

Is it something Friday???  Seems like every day is something.  Design Wall Monday, Tool Time Tuesday, One Flower Wednesday, Thursday Show Off,  Sit and Sew Saturday, Stash Report Sunday.

Maybe this can be Friday Fake Out!

Tell me you are working on something but in reality you are playing at the dog park!  LOL  I don't do dog parks because of the high potential for transmitting diseases like Ehrlichia (Ehrlichiae are transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected tick) all kinds of dog worms and kennel cough (Bordetella bronchiseptica. - which is transmitted by sneezing or breathing on each other).  It is the doggy flu of the canine world.  My vet says since the dog parks have opened up, he has seen an increase in all these problems.  Good and bad, a lot of people use them.  

Because my dogs are in the company of other dogs, every 6 mohths they get a bordetella vaccine, but like the human flu vaccine, it does not cover every possible infection.  So it is easier for me to not frequent dog parks where there is a high potential for them to encounter bad stuff.  

McGee wants Friday to be called:  Eat a Good Book Day.  Can you guess which one he ate?  THe most expensive book in my collection.  The one I paid full price for.  The one with all the patterns in the pull out pages.

Yep, Karen Stone.  Shall I kill him now?  His life hangs by a thread.



  1. I keep thinking we need a "Foodie Friday" ... and it seems McGee agrees ;-)

  2. Ok! Even Probies have to follow the rules. Turn Chloe loose on him b/c that was a fantastic book.

  3. oww.... how do they know which are the most expensive books? Hope it doesn't happen again. As for Fake-out Friday..... I'm sitting on my screen porch enjoying the day- NOT!! Its rainy and cold - maybe tomorrow - have a great weekend-

  4. I shall do fantasy Friday - I am sitting in my cabana quilt studio with the ocean view surrounded by my well behaved dogs. I just got a delivery of batiks and am busy cutting them while my hunky cabana boy / cook and gardener cooks my seafood dinner. After that I will walk my well behaved dogs on the beach and they will only poop in an area where I don't have to pick it up. But , oh that's right - hunky cabana boy would be picking it up any way, so it doesn't matter :-)


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