Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How I Set Up a Quilt

I do a very easy set up.

I have removed the bottom two rails.  They get in the way of my legs when I sit or try to change a bobbin.  So I just use the backing bar and the uptake bar thru the machine head.

 Here is my backing put on those two remaining bars.  I pin about 8 to 10 inches apart.  Trying to be straight and true!  I put half the pins pointing to the left and half going to the right so my hand doesn't get skewered when I am smoothing the backing on to the bars.
 I lay the batting on top of the back.  If you are using cotton you don't have to worry about slipping.  I guess you could use a third bar to hold the batting but I cut the batting to the quilt size so it is pretty useless to me.  If I had a roll of batting it may be different.  I generally use 80/20 and it grips pretty well.

 I will pin the batting to the back to keep things straight.  I try to get close to the edge to be in the "safe" zone of the backing.  Most of the time I am OK.  I think I am fighting with this one for some reason.

 I then lay the top on to the batting.  I will secure it with the same pins from the batting. I do this to keep from running over the pins I can't always see, or forget know.
 This view is of the frame with the quilt ready to be worked.  It just drapes over the edge.  This is a small kid's quilt, but I do larger quilts like this as well.  It works just fine unless DiNozzo lays on everything underneath.  He is the quilting basset in the window seat I had to make for him in the studio.

Here is the view of the quilt hanging over the frame edge (backing bar) and ready to quilt.  This is the dining room.  Like that carpet?  I did until I had to find things I dropped on it! 

I hope this helps you understand how I put my quilts on the frame.  If you have any questions just post them and I will answer them in the reply to the post so everyone can benefit.


  1. I love DiNozzo. What a relaxed dog!!!

  2. I love that window seat - perfect for the dogs to look at the squirrels outside and bark at stuff;-)

    I take it you have a long arm? What does that look like, can we see you in action on it? Interesting to see how you set a quilt on the rails. My mom got one but didn't like it because you could only quilt in a small area wide and it was a pain every time to move it forward on the rails she never did get the hang of putting the quilt on the rails easily either. She may just have not gotten the right long arm but ended up selling it - finding it easier on her regular machine. Thanks for the look into this foreign land (for me) of long arming.

  3. I load my backing and float my wadding the same way but wonder if there would be an issue of the backing slipping and then getting tucks etc I have the next generation frame and Husqarvarna mega quilter my biggest issue is with the bendy poles


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