Saturday, September 8, 2012

I Have Some Newsy News!

Remember when DiNozzo came to live with us?  And he had been starved and tossed outside?  And the people got another Basset?  And that one fared no better but finally found a great home?

Well, now they got another one and he is also in trouble.  We cannot stop these people, the laws in that parish won't protect the poor animals.

But I can help this little guy.  I pick him up tomorrow.  And he will be a foster,  you hear that????  Repeat after me,  he will be a foster!  And in keeping with the NCIS theme, he will be McGee.  Unless he turns out to be Leroy or Jethro or Gibbs.  But we all like McGee.

I will have pics for you sweeties tomorrow,  i have the Karen Stone class till mid afternoon.  And I hope he finds a wonderful and loving home that feeds him daily.  Just like DiNozzo did.

And I am sure we wil be a bit jealous.......

If you know of anyone who wants a Basset boy, he will be available as soon as we get him healthy.


  1. I'm sure we will all love McGee too :) are you sure you aren't going to keep him!

  2. Good luck giving away your newest boy! My DH is a salesman, and there is a sales technique called the "puppy dog close" - you just tell them, "take it home, see how you like it, and if it doesn't work out, you can bring it back". You know the rest. haha. Can't wait to see the pictures!


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