Thursday, October 25, 2012

942 Marvelous Posts

Thought I would update you on the number of published posts for the blog.  The people who comment on #1000 will be in a drawing to win some marvelous patterns and who knows what else.  This makes 943 marvelous posts.

So we are counting down.

You saw where I finished Jack and Gourdy Throw A Party, huh?  Marvelous.  Good to have it finished.  It was a UFO but somehow not on my UFO list at the guild where they are tracking finishes and giving prizes.  Of course.

Elephants are at the quilters.  Can't wait to see that beauty.  Charlene Harp does a gorgeous job on these things.  It will be a marvelous masterpiece.

And I am putting Parenthetical on the marvelous frame this afternoon.  No clue as to how I will quilt it yet.  I bought a new book, Modern Quilting
Designs that I might try.  It is heavily patterned so you won't see any mistakes.  I am sure there will be quite a few, I am always backing myself into corners I can't get out of.  The back cover exhorts you to step outside of plain stippling!  I chose that blue for the backing so it should be bright and light.  Not sure what I will do with it just yet.

You can see that my marvelous helpers were tuckered out by the evening and needed their beauty rest.

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