Tuesday, October 2, 2012

So Why Do YOu Quilt?

I know you all have a reason that you do what you do.  Yes, I know you do!  I want you to tell me your story.

This is a big reason why I quilt.  Look at that face and tell me she doesn't love her quilt!

A year and a half ago I made a quilt for Frank's co-worker buddy's baby.  I had heard Frank say that they were having a baby, but it is not really a thing that guys talk about.  So I thought it was interesting that Frank did talk about it.

I figured that it must have been important.  And it was.  This cutie pie loves my quilt.  Now I guess I have two best fans.  This chick and my nephew.

Her mom says she carries it everywhere with her. I was so afraid that mom would put it up and save it for her.  But she gave it to the kid to drag around the house, through Walmart and into the parking lot!  And I love it.

The first quilt I made for my nephew was a quillow.  A quilt that turns into a pillow!  Boy, did he love that.  He carried it everywhere and showed everyone he saw how he could turn his quilt into a pillow.  It went to more Show and Tells than Carter has pills!

I guess I will have to make the little girlie one eventually and see how far she takes it.  Right now I am going to work on a quilt for her from her outgrown baby clothes.  Mom and I talked over some ideas and we know just where we are heading.

I may even make it a quilllow!  Who knows.



  1. I began quilting to find a creative outlet and I was tired of cross stitch & crochet - I started to quilt and haven't stopped since. I just love it and I rarely do any other "needle work" it is obsessive. I find that it is just want I need to do to release the creativity in me.


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