Sunday, November 25, 2012

stash report 11-25-12

Groan......did you read the last post?  Swooze made me buy fabric..........

used this week -0.830
used in Nov -2.83
added this week 7
Add in Nov 7
Used YTD -207.83
Added YTD 202
Stash Reduction  -5.83

Still in the black though.........what was used this week was a project for the Fiber Exploration Group.  the theme was "Discharge Something"  and I discharged a nice Michael Miller black and sewed it to some Kangaroo fabric that has been  staring at me for a while.

Nice............Such wonderful creativitiy in this group.  Small, just 6 of us.  But amazing talent.  And me......

glen:  who has nice plans for the fabric I bought. (Frank says.....but don't you ALWAYS??????)


  1. You are still in the black and that counts!

  2. Your used fabric numbers are amazing!

  3. I think you should blame my mother!!

  4. your numbers are great - really like it when the number out matches the number in - then one isn't falling behind.


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