Monday, November 5, 2012

The Haul of Loot From Houston!

I know you have been waiting for this.  Hey, Swooze, here you go!  Drool, baby, Drool!!!!!

I bought 6 of these fat quarters to add to my red/white/blue Round Robin from two years ago.  I hope to finish it before the year 2525.  Not sure where its other friends are hiding.  McGee probably has them stashed somewhere to suck on later.

These beauties are from Fern Hill.  You must go there when you have a few dollars to spend.  These are deep rich colors by Barbara Suderman.  The panels are 3/4 of a yard wide and two flowers deep.  The color wash and the small lily you see there are supporting prints that make a quilt called Ker Bloom!  It looks like the fabric exploded all over the quilt!  LOL.  Really, but I can't find the pattern in the stack of my cutting table.......

I have been bidding on some vintage tablecloths and found this reproduction of one for what I was willing to pay.  I was always getting outbid on Ebay.  So I can cut this one up and finally make my cowboy quilt.  Don't you love the little fork on the pouch?  It comes in a pouch, too cute!

Charlene gave Frank a Lighthouse pattern a few months ago.  It has a lot of varied background sky fabrics and I was lamenting that I was going to have to buy a lot of blue hand dyes to get the blocks.  But at the show was the lady who did the pattern and she was selling the sky backgrounds!  What an amazing bit of luck that was....Now I have the skies!

Here is another Fern Hill.  Did I say I love them?  This is the pansy panel and 3 yards that go with it.  I want to make a set of pillows for Carrie for Christmas.  Don't worry, she never reads my blog!  Sigh.  Her sofa and room is white, this will look beautiful in there. know she will hate it, so I will reclaim it and love it.

I asked Margie what the name of that Taupe quilt she did several years ago that I fell in love with.  She said, oh, they are here!  And sent me to booth guessed it, Fern Hill!  LOL.  I bought things every day from them!  Go figure.  The quilt is called, its a snap and the kit is made of totally awesome taupes.    I know the picture looks yellow-ish, but the fabrics are not!

Karen Stone - EQ CD..........yes!  And it works!  Becky couldn't get hers to work, but mine does fine!

I bought two pantographs for the long arm from Urban Elementz.  I love their stuff.  It is so new a modern.  They will take any of their existing patterns and custom size it for what you need.  I need 5 inches and they took care of that for me.  These are the elephants.  And I have an Aztec design I cannot find right now......does that surprise you?  I ordered 3 more from them that will be delivered soon.

Love love love this pattern.  It is paperpieced umbrellas!  So cool!  And I have all the fabric I need for it right here at home!  It is real Oriental looking.  I loved the quilt in their booth.

That is most of my haul.  Apart from some books, and the subscription of the Modern Quilting Magazine, that is about it.



  1. Nice haul! Looks like you will have plenty of projects to keep you busy this winter!

  2. Have you got them all made yet??


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