Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Found It.....Finally!

Just prior to Halloween, I was looking to finish up my Halloween Quilt started in the Ami Simms Class last year in Lafayette, LA.  (not Indiana)  And I searched high and low.  For days and days, into weeks.  I could not believe it was not in my Quilt Studio.

Some would say, If you saw the mess Quilt Studio you would wonder that I find ANYTHING in there......but I digress.

I also searched the dining room which holds the long arm things.  Which, I might add, is not in much better shape than the sewing room mess quilt studio.

No luck.  It was not anywhere.  So I searched again several weeks later.  This time I took every darned box down and apart and STILL did not find it.

Charlene says, Don't fret, it is there somewhere and will surface when it is ready.  She didn't know what she was talking about.  She was so wise.

Yesterday I get an email from friend Norma, which says, Did you forget your green box was over at my sewing studio?

Duh, yes.........I reply.  But when I arrived to pick it up, it was the Ami Simms Halloween Quilt pieces!  YEAH!

So now, my quilt blocks and I are reunited, along with my Louisiana Restaurants Cookbook (why was that even in there) and my flannel covered note book I had made this summer and took some notes within.

Thank you Norma, for caring for my box so it wouldn't be scared and afraid in the dark somewhere where I would never find it.  You took good care of it, I hope you made some of the recipes!



  1. Glad you found them... and maybe you came across other surprises while looking for them? I know that's how it works for me.

  2. Mmmm I may be loony but the universe reveals things as they are needed.

  3. You make me laugh, oh I do so identify. I have a sign in my house - Creative Clutter is Better than idle Neatness. I must be pretty creative :-)

  4. Louisiana restaurants cookbook?.... Oh do tell the particulars so I can order one! Kate

  5. Your sewing room looks like my sewing room and my other sewing room!!! Yes, I like the phrase above, Creative Clutter! Love that!


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