Monday, April 8, 2013

Joy Just To Be Quilting

going to finish that shawl in progress, walk the dogs early ...Danielle L said to me:  It has never failed that when I have been through the most heart-breaking passages of my life -- betrayal, financial hardship, divorce, dreams dashed -- the pain brought me to the floor of my being, and what was there to be found?: 

The simple joy of being alive.

It is not generally my nature to be happy.  I was born under the Saturnalia.  Which might sound like one great orgy, but it really fits me when you look into the aspects of it.  So this was an interesting thing to say to me.  I don't always think in terms of joy. 

But I do feel the joy of spending the day with fabric in my hands.  You would think that the connections of the King of Saturn to wool that I would be a weaver, but I am not.  And you would also think that I would be the master of the dance, and I sort of am.  I am generally the one in charge or the one behind the lectern.  Yes, that is me!

So today, I will play once again with my UFO quilt that has the skulls and witches on it.  Wit mummies creeping along behind the evil jack pumpkins.  That is right, my All Saints' Eve quilt, the Twisted Halloween quilt.

And for that I am glad to be able to ply my fabric surrounded my my dogs of the hunt.  

That reminds me, I bought a book that had a basset hound in it last year on our shop hop.  I haven't seen it since.  I REALLY need to clean up my room.........have you heard that before?  

And that reminds me.....look what I boiled up yesterday for dinner!



  1. Oh, those look wonderful. The only person you can be is you!

  2. The shrimp look so tasty! I love shrimp! Now eating a big plate of those would give me some joy!


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