Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday and Sunday - Weekend Quilting at its Best

I plan on getting some things done this weekend.  It may not happen though, it never works when Frank is home.

First though, if you have not seen the hanging of the quilts at The Vineyard, please click here.  I have four pieces in that group of the 5 of us.  It is not fancy or prestigious, but it is a viewing and an honor to be included in the mix.

Second, If you have not heard already, the two Nudes Bathing (the Walker and the Swimmer) are complete and ready for the group's meeting.  And I am working on the Dog Walker Nude.  She is too cute, like a Barbie, and definitely me!  LOL.  Not!  But the dog is DiNozzo, for sure.  I need to think in terms of dogs and people walking AWAY.  I have a mere scattering of walking away pictures!  And getting the scale for that took some work.  But I think it looks good.  I need to work on the background today and tomorrow and get her leashed up to DiNozzo.  If I can think of a 3D aspect I can use it for the Fiber Group as well.

I have some leather I may can use for the dog.  Hmm.  That might work.  And some embellishment for the leash to make it stand out from the background like the leaves do for the Nudes Bathing.  That might just work!  I am excited.

Third, I have a little corner of the backing of the Halloween (Ami Simms Twisted Sister) Quilt so I REALLY need to get working on that.  Then it goes into a pile for quilting in June during the Kick PattyA's *$# By Quilting A Million Quilts Challenge.

I was watching Dr. Oz last week and he is talking about a diet that jumps your metabolism.  I have tried one of the things he talked about, raw apple cider vinegar with the mother and a local honey in a glass of water two or three times a day.  I do it twice a day.  The vinegar creates a pH in your
body that dissolves the fat.  I have lost a bit of girth already.  Not a lot, not dramatic, but my jeans are slipping down this week.  And last week they were getting tighter!  LOL  So I looked into the diet and will work on it for a month.  It is designed to recreate your body's metabolism and make your body burn fat for energy rather than store it for future fuel.  And it involves reducing stress as well.  I could use that part even without the loss of weight

So with that in mind, this was my haul from the farmer's market this morning. I got lemons, plums, yellow squash babies, strawberries, carrots, beets, broccoli, sweet potatoes and Brussels
 sprouts.  Oh, and local honey, I am using the Watson Fields and now I have the Manchac Pastures.  And the honeys all taste different!

I have to tell you this funny.  I was in the yard taking yard pictures and saw the caterpillars are out again.  En Masse!  These guys were on the edge of my pot just going round and round and round and round!  Their journey was never going to end!


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