Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shrimp Crepes and Nudes

crepe maker

This is not really the post I planned on connecting to.  But I can't undo it.  I tried to set it up with the iPad and it was a mess.

If you want to see some incredible pieces, not my silly ones, go to Nina Marie's Creations and check them out!

I instructed Frank in crepe making. Much to his chagrin, he had no bargained for this when he married me.  His mother would be incensed that he is relegated to "kitchen work".  But he actually got into the making of the delicate pancakes.

shrimp mix before cheeses
I took the leftover shrimp, fried down some green onions and mushrooms in butter with a bit of olive oil.  Added half and half and philly cream cheese.  Then melted some swiss cheese into the final product.  With the asparagus it was the perfect meal.

I have pictures to the point that I was putting the half and half back into the fridge and DiNozzo helped himself to two shrimp crepes.  I forgot about taking pictures because I was busy killing a dog.

Although I don't know why, my next nude project is the Nude Walking the Dog. It should be Nude Bringing Dog To Animal Control.

I was having trouble creating the background so I had to find a photo on the internet, blow it up and then use it to gain perspective in the sketch. I am a horrible artist!  But you know that!

I cant' wait for that light box to get her.  I am totally chomping at the bit for it.  Tomorrow I will stand out by the corner and will the UPS man to come with my superior brain power.

The lovely nude has a really cute dog.  She loves to walk him and lots of people notice the two of them.  He is such a friendly dog, he just loves attention from anyone.  He is also a begger willing to do anything for a treat and a scratch behind his long ears.

Today they walk down a nature path that is full of lovely trees, Spring or Fall, I can't tell yet.  No that is not me!  LOL.  I only wish!  I rippled her so you would not report me to the blog police for being offensive.  But she is pretty curvy!  Too curvy, she had to be photo-shopped   Hey, I guess it can be me then!

Can you see the pair?  Can you see her butt?  LOL.  Maybe the dog needs one too!

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  1. What a nice dog owner you are to go to all that trouble so DiNozzo could have a nice meal. I am now picturing you walking around the woods in Louisiana nude with 3 dogs, one with a crepe in his mouth, one with an expensive batik half chewed and one with the remains of a light box. Lol! And yes, I can see your butt because you are walking away very fast chasing the mailman.

    Can't you just use a window for a light box?


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