Thursday, May 16, 2013

Plumber's Butt

The haiku is free floating silk
banana flower and tyvek
What a morning!  Busy, busy, busy!

Last night was my Fiber Group meeting. Here are some of the pieces from that meeting.  The quilt below is a project that Renee (she received a grant) is doing called Kids Quilt For Kids.  They use Marvel Fabric Markers and draw sea life, she pieces it and quilts it and it is donated to kids in need.  Don't you love it!  My piece was the fork, remember that?

The guys are grouting the tile this morning.  The dogs are at the vet once again.  My eye appointment was easy, getting there was in the morning traffic.  Madeline, my GP's nurse, called me back with an appointment time in 45 minutes so I was pretty rushed!  But I got there in time to fill out paperwork and sign my name a dozen or 50 times.  
Kids Quilt For Kids
Doc said it appeared I lifted the corner of my lasix flap.  And that was the irritation.  But the big problem was that I was reacting to the gentab ointment.  He said my eye was pretty well inflamed! But I knew that!  He advised me to stop doing surgery on myself.

New drops now feel better.  The reason I had the lasix in the first place was because I have a lazy eye and they could no longer correct for it in glasses.  I was falling off stairs I didn't know was there and stepping "down" lines I thought were stairs. My depth perception was gone.  The first lasix was for that eye, the second to hone the correction on that eye.  The third for the

other eye, and the 4th because I developed a bubble under the flap and they had to smooth it out.  Then the driver's license bureau found I had a cataract in one eye when I couldn't see a bank of numbers on their eye chart.  And the next 4 year renewal showed one in the other eye.  I was in my early 50s by that time.  Doctor said he was seeing cataracts earlier due to the air pollution.  

I had 20/20 in one eye and 20/15 in the other.  I loved it.  My eyes had kept me from getting a job with the FBI as an investigator.  I was so happy to be able to see for the first time in my life!

I had to show you this picture.  I think my tile guy, bless his heart, is auditioning for my next male nude!

Some women like  large biceps, or hairy chests and neanderthal unibrows.  I have always been a sucker for a nice tight male buttock.  But doesn't the tile look good?

We can move furniture back tonight.  And they will be here bright and early on Monday to start the hall and the den.  The dogs will have the doggy spa for the first three days.  


  1. This morning someone was here repairing damage from a leak. She's fixing the ceiling downstairs and caulking some of the grout in the bathroom tile that's cracked (through which the water flowed downstairs, creating the "pregnant" ceiling. When she was working on the tile floor, I noticed that "plumber's butt" isn't just a male plumber thing ...

  2. Oh, there's tile there, I didn't notice, all I saw was the butt crack!! :)
    Hope your eye heals fast. Will the corner that's up lay down on it's own, or does this mean more surgery in your future?

  3. What a time of it with your eye! I just knew that ointment should not burn. Sounds like you are finally on the road to recovery. The tile looks fantastic!


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