Saturday, May 25, 2013

Raffle to Benefit CAAWS Spay and Neuter Programs

I am going to put this out there, because I believe in what we do.  I have been with CAAWS (Capital Area Animal Welfare Society) since 1989 and on the board for the last twelve years.

The River City Quilt Guild lovingly donated a fabulous Puppy Quilt for us to raffle on June 30, 2013.  Chances are $5 each which you can purchase by going to and downloading the form and sending it in to Libby ( the good looking blonde with my husband there.)

Lily - who could resist that face?
The quilt is 74 x 80 and was quilted by Charlene Harp who did my Elephant Quilt!  100% quilt shop quality fabrics for sure.  It is so beautiful and really a fun quilt to own.

What we do at CAAWS is amazing, but we are always looking for ways to bring money in so we can accomplish the saving of lives.  We receive no public support and exist on donations and

fundraisers from the generous people who open their hearts to animals.  We have no paid staff, we all work tirelessly to save future litters from suffering and find homes for what those cats and dogs who can come into our program.   We provide $25 coupons for use at local vets on S/N services and low income families can apply for our free S/N spots each month.

We placed over 70 dogs and 60 cats in loving homes last year and issued over 900 of those $25 coupons.   75 dogs from low income families were S/N and we S/N 350 feral cats across the city.

That's a lot of work!  Help us to keep going by buying a raffle ticket for this beautiful quilt!

Let me know if you have any questions.  And please consider purchasing a couple of tickets, you may just win!


  1. Is CAAWS not taking PayPal for raffle tickets? They could make a whole lot more money by using PayPal.

    1. Just FYI about PayPal......

      PayPal does not allow raffles to be sold through their venue. It is considered gambling. They will take down your account and you will no longer be able to us the services without extensive re - negotiation. They also threaten prosecution.

  2. People who do the things you and your group do are amazing. The quilt is a beauty and I hope it raises a ton of money. I have plans to do something similar with a quilt I've made. I need to get in touch with our shelter where Abby adopted us to coordinate the effort.

  3. THIS us what brought us together! We are fortunate here that we have a low cost SN clinic available and many free SN feral days. The work is never ending, can be frustrating and exhausting but always rewarding. All my handmaids are donated to the local rescues/advocates for sale or raffle. Great work Glen!


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