Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tile is Finished - Over - Done - Kaput!!!!

NEWSFLASH -----------  They finished up at 2:55 PM today!  All I have to do now is to mop with vinegar and water three or four times.  You know how large that area is?  388 sf in the bedroom plus 508 in the hall and den.  Just three or four times, that is all.  You don't know how large the rooms are until you move all the furniture out and have to mop it three or four times.

last two tiles to go in
I was getting my keys to grab the dogs when Frank say, hey, don't you have a meeting at 3 with the financial guy?

DiNozzo under the table
we fit where we can

Yes, I called him, he was there already and I profusely apologized and claimed, truthfully, that the tile guys had just left.  We had a good meeting, I need to bring him some stuff so he can set up an accounting system within the Shelter Management Program we bought for CAAWS.  That will be a tremendous help to me when working in the financial stuff.

Then I had to head back to the vet and get the dogs.  You know, Frank has that car than no dogs can set a paw in.  So I had to swing by to get them.  But that is not really a chore, they were so blasted happy to see me they flew down the long hall in the vet's office from the kennel and into my arms.

Smooth transition to foyer, nice!
I was entertaining the front desk crew with my wild tales of midnight runs around the house.

For the last two nights we could not walk down the hallway.  So we had to go out the front door, across the porch, down the driveway, into the back yard and into the door in the bedroom.  That was every time you had to go pee.  Or get something you forgot, you would have to retrace your steps.

So at 1 AM yesterday morning, I had fallen asleep on the sofa in the breakfast area, and needed to pee.  So I went out the front door, across the porch, down the driveway, into the back yard and to the back door of the bedroom.  I realized at that point I had forgotten the key.  So I peed in the back yard in the moonlight.

Just me and the owls.  Yep.  The owls.  And the crickets, and the mosquitoes.  Yep, just me and the mosquitoes.


  1. Oh lord, you are nuts... Certifiable.

  2. Looks really nice! I love the stain grade woodwork! So many folks are opting for plain old white trim everywhere, but I still live stain grade good quality trim work and built-ins! Oh, and the floors are nice too!

  3. Hey, no key, I'd have done the very same thing!
    The floors look wonderful and I am sure the dogs are thrilled to be home!

  4. Before I read to the end I thought....just pee in the

  5. You were not raised in the country and it shows! LOL miss you!


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