Monday, June 24, 2013

Design Wall 6-24-13

Design Wall is odd.  I am working on the mystery quilt this week, and still quilting on my Box of
I did trim it, just didn't
take a picture of it trimmed
tops in the Quilt Your Quilts in June Challenge.  I have quilted 5 so far for a total of about 14,832 square inches:  Kangaroo,  Baby Squares, Dinos, two Halloween Table Runners, Buggy Barn Dogs.  The Kangaroo put me
over with 8010 sq inches.

I am sure PattyA will be hitting the bricks hard after her tooth is fixed.  I hate tooth pain, and dentists, but the pain more so I go to the dentist!

We had the first snake of the summer yesterday.  I guess the lateness of the heat deterred them from hatching earlier.  Carrie and Andrew were here around lunch, we took them out to Walk On's for a nice salad.  Andrew was working on my computer and replacing the modem.  Now maybe it won't lose the internet at midnight each night anymore.

McGee is the hero for finding it for us.  Not that I wanted a snake but I am so glad Andrew was here.  Frank gets scared and inadvertently lets then go and we have to deal with them again.

Here is the proximity of the Wandering Jew to the Patio.  Right along the walkway.  This is a photo from like April, now the plants are grown up a lot more and there was a nice hiding space.

It was McGee's excellent nose that found what Andrew said was the 4 foot water snake.  I think it was more like a 6 foot python.......

I made Theresa a covered journal book with some bike fabric.  She is an avid biker and rides in these long long long marathons and trains 20-30 miles EACH DAY!

I do the spin class for 45 minutes and think I am hot stuff!


  1. Lots of eye candy this morning. I like the dinosaurs -- just speaks to me for some reason. And, of course, any doggie things too. I may have to find that pattern -- I've got one of Buggy Barn's books but it's got chickens in it not dogs! I like the dogs better.

  2. A snake - cool! It is not poisonous is it? The journal book cover is great! I am so glad the line quilted yellow and gray quilt is done! Yes, you are ahead in square inches right now, but my next quilt is just all over free motion so it won't take me as long as what I was doing. Watch out!

  3. I think you are hot stuff if you can do a 45 minute spin class! Love the journal cover.

  4. Wow, you are sure busy. But if my dog found a snake I'll bet I could run a lot faster than you. I know most snakes are not poisonous but as far as I am concerned all snakes are. The dinosaurs look great. Some child is going to be sooooo happy.


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