Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back to the Living World - Photos From Retreat

I have to apologize to all you out there.  I was on that retreat for a week then I had to deal with some stuff with my mom in the nursing home.  That always affects me.  And I had some physical stuff to deal with.  i just didn't want to move!  Literally!

I need to make some doctor's appointments for my knee and see if we can work something out.  I am getting tired of dealing with the pain now, and I have too many other things to deal with that need center front.

Ya know?

I got so much done while on retreat for the week!  So much.  No one interrupted me, no one wanted me to let them in (or out) and no one made me cook anything!  Thank the Quilting Gods for Pat!

Pat fed us in the manner in which I would like to become accustomed!  Roasted vegetables and pasta salad.  Chicken enchiladas and Spanish rice.  Tomato pies.  OMG!  Tomato Pies!
Raffle Quilt for GSMD National Specialty
I think it needs to be a bit larger,
so it will need another round
or two of borders.

Frank's sock. Amid jeers from
the juveniles among us,
I kept saying it looked really big!
When he tried it on at home, it was really big.
I just don't know what to say
about that.
Here is a look at some of what I did this last week:

And who I did it with!  This momma sometimes brought her
They kinda remind me of kangaroos.
I wonder if they are related?
babies to beg as well.  We obliged them with peanuts and some Cheetos.  It was an excuse for me to grab a handful of the evil things and give one or two to the raccoon family.

Baby Elephants

I also did two quilts for Carrie.  About 2 or 3 years ago I bought a kit at a quilt shop going out of business here.  It was 60% off.  I needed to find the pattern, which was in a magazine.  Ann finally found it for me, I think at Daisy's Cottage Creations.  I like her shop, but it is so far for me to go!

Here is the quilt, finally!  Baby Elephants!

And she has been dying for me to make her something from the teal batik jelly roll.  Every time she comes she holds on to it and declares it hers.  I made it with white on white strips varying the lengths of the strip and the white.  That is her favorite of all, of course.

Roadrunner on release paper
I think the most specacular quilt of the whole week was Candy B's New Mexico quilt.  She had 10 t-shirts from New Mexico Boy's State and she made two New Mexico blocks.  She used Stephanie Brandenburg's paintbrush solids and a gradation, what is that called again.......darn, I can't think of it.

Anyway, the border fabric is that gradation from yellow to orange.  the whole thing is breathtaking!  And to top that off, she is doing a road runner and a yucca cactus on the bottom panels.

Shhhh!  Don't' disturb Pat, she is cooking!  That is bean/corn salad.  Amazing stuff.  It went with chicken enchiladas and Spanish rice that night.  And no, I did not have the ice cream and chocolate sauce that was for dessert.  Really, I didn't.  The next night Kim brought banana pudding that everyone raved over.  But I did not have any of that either!  Really.

Or any of the ten thousand other sweet things that sat on the table all week.  Really.  I only ate Cheetos.  Really.

More later......there was soooo much more.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! You had more fun than I did last week! I got my prize - thank you!

  2. sounds like you had a well deserved break and great time had by all. you are so lucky to have good quilty friends. Is this thru a guild? I often wonder about joining the one here but the meetings are at night and old fuddy duddy me goes to bed at 9:00 so to late on a work night.

    sorry to hear about your mom with issues - it's so hard to see someone decline when there is nothing you can do, you feel so helpless. when my grandmother had her stroke and was in a nursing home not being able to even feed herself I actually prayed to god to please take her and give her some peace. she eventually stopped eating - her way to saying - "the hell with this! - I'm moving on to the next"


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