Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I am at retreat with the craziest women.  Last night one was reading how to make a dryer static ball from wool roving.  Someone walked in and heard the word " balls" and it went downhill from there.  All she did was read the rest of the article and we were dying from laughter!!!

I am getting a ton of stuff done. I put the binding on the kangaroos and the elephant quilts. I have one of franks socks to the heel.  I completed the teal elephant baby quilt and a dog quilt for the Swissy National Specialty Raffle.  AND completed the big center piece of the tea towel free piecing quilt that is super spectacular!!!

I can't do photos until I get home but I did send some "special" people photos from my iPad.

It took me forever to get this window in the Internet.

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