Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hunting and Gathering

I am heading off to another retreat this weekend.  This one for our local guild.  I am just today beginning to pull together projects to bring. I want to do some pool laps, then when I am smelling of chlorine and sun, start cutting out some bags.

I promised the Swissy people a quilt that is completed but needs to be quilted and mailed.  The Specialty is Sept 8 So I really need to do it this week and get it off.  Why do I wait so long?

I have some canvas around here for a bag I want to try but darned if I can find it.  I may just as well go today and get a yard of it from Hobby Lobby.  I have been working hard to get fabric out of my room and into quilts.  I have like 2589 to quilt though.  I sure wish my MegaQuilter was reliable.  I fight with the tension still.  I should take Candy up on her offer to come over and help me.

I call this composition Ghost Basset.  See the ghostie hovering in the background?

I call this one, Morning Basset.  He loves sitting in that chair outside the window and looking in.  What you can't see here is that tail.  It was wagging so hard it was blowing the dust and leaves around under the chair.  I guess when you are just too comfortable, you just express your appreciation with minimal moving parts.

Later today, I will take some pictures of what I put together for the retreat for you to oogle and drool over.  Too bad you can't come!  It would be fun!  And the chicken and dumplings are just so good!

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  1. Comfy bassets are happy bassets! Nothing like a good siesta in the sun.


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