Saturday, September 28, 2013

Art quilting

Oh I am so angry.  That post went somewhere and I have no idea what happened to it.  I have a feeling it is this &^%$#$@!@ laptop.  Because I pressed a delete button and I think it really and trly deleted the entire post about my Butt Glove wall hanging.......aughhh!

I wondered what those were, I sorta really liked them and didn't know where you got them from.

I am taking a workshop class with Marianne Williamson out of Florida.  Her site is
Check out her stuff.  She is a laid back teacher.  She lets your ideas flood through and takes a very back seat to your preferences.  She will guide you, however.  Like she fussed at me for using glue.

I had to, I left all my safety pins at home.  So she made someone lend me their pins.  How embarrassing

Then she had to lend me some invisible thread, because I left mine at home.  How embarrassing.

But that was not the most embarrassing thing.  I am sure good at doing really stupid things.  get this:

I was trying to wind the invisible thread on my bobbin and there was a horrendous sound coming from the machine.  It was centered in the bobbin winding arena.  I tried several things, multiple people suggested several things. The sound was like a high pitched squeal.  Nothing would lessen the sound.

So I plunged through and got half the bobbin wound.

OK.  Put the bobbin in the bobbin case and sew.  Ready for a high pitched sound?  Yes?  Well, didn't happen.  What?

I took that as a sign I was beginning to have a better day.

Wait for it.............I finally figured out what the sound was.  I kept looking at the bobbin winder and I thought I saw something blue green and shiny in the hole where the stem comes out.  I looked closer and realized it was the tylenol gel cap that I dropped when we were at the retreat last month.

I fished it out and the bobbin spun quietly around.

So now they are laughing at me.......just like I had a stupid glove on my butt!

Here is  mine so far.   The blue above is Gayle's and it is from Yellowstone NP.  One of the geysers.  It is my favorite from the class

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  1. you crack me up! sounds like a fun class and maybe next time they will let you take it for free since you are providing so much of the entertainment :-)
    I like the perspective on your piecs and the spikey bushes


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