Thursday, September 26, 2013

Decompressing With Friends

Frank came home yesterday and went straight to work.  Not only does he have his job, but he is also President of CAAWS, an animal rescue organization.  Not a small job in any respect.  Especially now with high expenses and low donations coming in.  Juggling finances and making the right choices is an important job that both of us struggle with trying to run CAAWS and make everyone happy.  We both sit on the board and I  deal with finances and handle the tasks of the presidency he doesn't have the time to do.

Some time in the afternoon he came out of his office and said to me, I need time with friends to decompress.  Let's try that new restaurant.

I arranged to meet friends at a new Lebanese restaurant.  It was wonderful!!  We ordered the Meza Plate, which is like a combination plate in a Mexican Restaurant.  We had a nice taste of a bit of everything.

Kibbe, hummas, baba haunch, gyro, shawarma, pine nuts, oh my it was all incredible.

I am trying to remember the name and can't.  It is on George  ONeal right in the curve heading down to White Oak Plantation.  Where Abe's BBQ used to be.  Totally redone, excellent food, great prices, we will go, there again!


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