Sunday, September 1, 2013


The retreat is half over.  So far I have completed a new iPad bag with teal elephants; two duffle bags, one with teal Ellie's and one with naughty orange puppies; and I worked out some tote bags that I think I will turn into a pattern with the potential for more.

Tonight I started putting together the blocks for my Reflections quilt from last year.  Candy has the very same block pattern she made with her batiks so we are going to show it at the next meeting as twins!!!   They are similar but not really twins.  I kept looking at her blocks all day then I pulled mine out and said, hey, look at this!

Too bad you will not get pictures of any of the fabulous stuff people are doing since my stupid computer is not working on the Internet.

 Hopefully son in law is working on a new purchase for me,,  hint hint boy!!

I miss my bad boys though.  Really.  I need a retreat dog.


  1. Doesn't your iPad take pictures? Don't u have Google Share or the Cloud? I can send pictures from my iPad which is how I send those emails to u. Give it a try!

  2. Charlene -
    I think she wants us to use our imaginations and dream of all the wonderful projects she is making. (maybe she's not on retreat at all but has run off with the UPS man)


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