Monday, October 28, 2013

McGee Is Home!!!

Just  got back from picking the stupid dog up.  He generally is the hit of the front desk, now he has a following in the night crew as well.  They all seem to love this stupid dog.  He seemed to be no  worse for the wear.

The vets today did a barium enema and said there were no obstructions since they could see the barium moved well in the intestines.  So they are thinking he was clear.

I knew differently.  When he was throwing up the scarf I pulled it to the point  of resistance.  I cut it and he as able to swallow the rest back down.  That is the point when he went in to the ER Vet.  They tried to wait him out, x-rayed him seveal times.  Once he ate, I knew it was out of his  stomach.

They did the barium thinking there was no obstruction.  But I knew it was still in there if they hadn't seen it. 

Sure enough.  The minute he hit his own backyard, he squatted and pooped out a foot of scarf.  I will spare you the photos.

And  lot of barium......just sayin'


  1. Pleased to read McGee is back home!

  2. Oh,come on--we'd love poop pictures!

  3. a new one of a kind design element? lol!

  4. I am just catching up on the goings on about McGee. So glad he is ok and didn't have to have surgery! Crazy dog! You would think he would learn! We had a beagle that got really sick, wouldn't eat , and was throwing up. Took her to the vet and she did have a blockage so surgery had to happen. The blockage was a piece of straw broom had pierced her intestines and then the yarn she ate wrapped around the straw. Boy, was that dog sick! She recovered and lived a long life.

  5. So glad he is OK. Guess he just needed to be at home to do what he had to do. Sometimes poop is a very good thing.


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