Friday, November 8, 2013

Dog Training Gone Arwy

I have trained dogs for most of my life.  I started out as a grammar school kid training a dog from all the dog books in or little branch library around the corner.  Dogs were my refuge from an overbearing father and a non-caring narcissistic mother who had no time for a girl who didn't look like Glenda the Good Witch.  Dogs gave me my self worth and I gave them knowledge.

My childhood dog Coffee was smarter than most kids.  When she knew everything those dog books held, I went to work on the neighborhood dogs.  We had the most well trained dogs in the whole city of New Orleans in a 4 block radius!

So i was pretty confident when I stepped into the back yard to teach the bassets to catch a ball.

Here is the ensuing lesson.  You gotta laugh


  1. ROTFL! Had to watch it twice. Thanks for brightening my day.

  2. Oh this is a great video and lovely to see your three dogs all sitting beautifully!!
    Just going find my husband to have him watch this!

  3. So funny. Clearly "catch" means "treat" in Basset-speak. They all seem completely baffled by why you are throwing the balls when what they hear is "treat."


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