Thursday, November 7, 2013

Moving the Old Out

Yesterday we spent a lot of time working on moving the old stuff out and readying for the new stuff.  You know what I mean!  LOL.  The garden needed an overhaul and summer flowers moved ot and the pansies and snaps moved in.  I still have begonias and caladiums!  the weather has been summery up till this morning, like it was waiting for me to get the winter plants in!

Here is the new look!  I bought the Kale for $1.00 at Lowe's
on their clearance table.  Best of all, while  I was renting the carpet cleaner (for the CAAWS Santa Rug), I scored 9 six-packs of pansies for 25 cents each!  Why 9 and not 10?  I have no idea.  Two were for Carrie's office and the rest were mine!  Now they will help me remember my  sweet Pepsi, who loved to lay in my  pansies every weekend when we would work in the yard.

Now, I had to take down the Inspira Frame and the Mega Quilter.  So we headed to the storage

building to find the boxes.  We found 2 of the 3 it came in.  We disassembled the frame, piece by piece.  I documented it so if someone wants it they can see how it goes back together.

It really is not hard, but I am totally comfortable with working with tools and building things.  That said, I really believe anyone can put this together without much trouble.

I got a call from HandiQuilter yesterday saying the new Avante wold ship on Friday and arrive on Wednesday.  I walk by the empty space in the dining room and my heart just flutters.  It is truly like bringing a new baby home!

And yes, I have spent the last few nights looking at Quilting Motifs on Pinterest.

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  1. I has been unseasonably warm here in NE Ohio. Last night I slept with the window open and listened to the rain hit on the leaves that have fallen. Love that sound. Today it is much cooler and damp. I am hoping for one more decent weekend so I can go out and get some yard work done. If nothing else I have to get the purple cora bell planted before the ground freezes and dig up the canna rhizomes to store them over the winter in the house.


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