Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Santa CAAWS in Baton Rouge

A fabulous way to support local animal rescue and support Spay and Neuter Programs is to have your dog's photo taken with Santa CAAWS again this year.  Proceeds go to supporting our shelter animals as well as our Low Income Spay and Neuter Program in the community.

Our doglets always get no Santa CAAWS because we set up the day before and get the dogs done so we can work the whole day without dogs.  Who knows what McGee would eat if he had to stay the whole day!

Stop by our location at Cortana Mall Entrance 3 (by the old Mervyns store) between 9 and 4 on Sunday November 10, 2013 and get those photos made.
Mari is a professional photographer who donates her time and camera skills.  Choose from a number of cards or one of our photo packages.  Or both!

There will be Santa CAAWS himself and our two ditsy elves to share the camera lens with you.  Or just your dog, our just your kids.  We love kids too!

Please come, we desperately need funds to continue our work.  This year we have S/N over 1000 animals in the community and found loving homes for nearly 150 cats and dogs.


  1. Even without Santa, it's a lovely family portrait.

  2. I agree with Sophie it's a really good photo - even if you did have angelic well behaved bassets stand in for the pic ;-) where is your crew? Eating santa's cookies, I'll bet


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