Sunday, November 10, 2013

Santa CAAWS photo shoot

There are several things I think I finally understand.  The first is that no matter how much weight you have lost, it is not enough.  The second is that Bassets are not Swissys.

The shoot went well, no one else was there.  We usually go the day before to allow Mari to  set up the camera setting and see how the photos will work.  So she shot a lot of diffferent ones on different settings.

McGee only wanted to go find the treats I brought. Chloe only wanted to go love on Mari's husband Hector. DiNozzo was so good.  He was certainly the star of the day.

Which one  do you like best?

All dogs in middle

Frank and dogs

Dogs huddled

Dogs and Frank

McGee to the side

glen two dogs

McGee escaping

glen and sweet DiNozzo

glen and DiiNozzo portrait


  1. Love them all! I think they came out great. I know how difficult it is to take a family portrait. We have three pugs!
    Nancy from PugMom Quilts!

  2. I so enjoy your posts!! My puppy (90 pounds of great dane) is curious about fabric, will sometimes move it around, especially when I am working on the design floor, but is not interested in tasting it!!! These pictures came out GREAT - My favorite is Glen with sweet DiNozzo

  3. I like all dogs in the middle and the last one with "the nose" or as he is commonly known - the good one:-)


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