Friday, December 6, 2013

Bad Dog......You Know Who you Are

Yes, the Bad Dog has struck again.......and I did not have my camera handy.

It was the day we went to the Rural Life Museum.  When we got back to our house, Carrie gathered her stuff together to leave.  She came back inside, but I didn't realize she had laid her leather purse on the bench outside.   Now this is the girl who must have lost 10 Barbie dolls to my first Swissy, Pepsi.  We got really great at cannibalizing four partial Barbies to make one fully limbed single.

So when we walk outside........excuse me while I laugh hysterically, the purse has disappeared from the bench and was now in six large and two thousand tiny pieces.  The sunglasses were mangled and their case destroyed.  Every single thing in her purse was spread across my rather large backyard.

I have to honestly tell you I did laugh.  A lot.
Carrie was not happy and Frank was kinda upset with me when I was laughing.

Well, it was such a relief that is it wasn't my stuff he had destroyed this time.

Yeah, Carrie was not a happy camper, I wasn't sure she would  ever speak to me again or let me see any potential future issue.

Now,  tell me, would you not have laughed too?  If you would have seen her face when she realized that purse was gone.

I know you would have.  Really.


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