Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Making Yogurt Two Ways

You know the story about getting that yogurt maker so I won't reiterate, as interesting as it is.  I will spare you.  But I did want to show you this.

I am notoriously bad at math.  I needed 4 cups of milk for yogurt and since I have been using almond milk and rice milk for breakfast and coffee, I wanted to pick up some real milk for the yogurt.  Did you know that people who eat yogurt daily lose more weight than those who do not?  And it realigns your gut with all the healthy bacteria you need to protect your entire body.

So milk.  Grocery store.  I had in my hands, a half half gallon.  Then I made the big mistake, I looked at the half gallon.  That is all it took!  It was in my basket in a flick of a hare's tail.

Never looked back.

So I got things ready this morning, yogurt maker warming up, milk brought to 160 degrees then cooled to 110, added the last of the powdered milk to make it creamier and put strawberry jam and almond extract into the bottom of the 7 jars.

For the first time I looked upon the amount of milk in the pot and the size of the 7 jars.  It wasn't going to work.

No problem.  I would just make yogurt in the maker and use another method for the rest.  I used this site.

Crockpot Yogurt

So my two yogurts are making.  And the dogs are hoping they get the benefit of my poor math skills.

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  1. I need to make yogurt myself, but I do it completely different from you. Since I batch my yogurt in 1/2 gallon beverage coolers I can make a lot of yogurt at once. I usually start out with a gallon of milk so there is no math involved!


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