Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Neon Basil and Lavender - Christmas Colors?????

I have been hunting basil for the last three weeks.  It seems all the basil in the city froze with the frost three weeks ago.  But this weekend I found some at the new Trader Joes' that opened a couple months ago. 

So I bought four cups of the stuff and made basil lemon jelly.
When I was hunting for the perfect basil jelly recipe, I ran across a lavender jelly recipe.  YES!  That necessitated finding lavender buds.  I had to order them from Herb Affair, my best "buds" in herbs and stuff.  I had no idea what a cup looked like and Carrie wanted to make some sachets for her girlfriends for Christmas, so  got a pound.

Well, let me tell you, a pound of lavender is like a gallon in size!   I used 1/2 cup for the Lavender Jelly.  So I think I will use some in sachets as well.

Right in the middle of the process I realize I had only yellow food coloring.  Lavender jelly is not yellow.  So that needed a trip to the store for some neon gel colors.  Not happy about the neon, but that was all there was.  It did make the Basil Jelly cool looking though!

Neon Basil!  Neon Lavender!

see my teapot from the 1890s
So now I am the proud owner of 6 each Neon Basil Jelly and Lavender Jelly.

Both are amazing in taste.  You really need to taste the lavender.  It tastes.........well.........lavender!

And all this while my hand is taped.  When i was hooking the Bad Basset Boyz in their harnesses one jumped up and hyper-extended my two fingers.  Doesn't hurt if they stay immobilized.

It will be better in a few days, meanwhile, I can't cook dinner or clean anything.......got that?


  1. Ooooh, I love lemon basil jelly! Have you ever made it with he lemon basil? You can also use lemon balm as well! You are certainly well rounded! Cooks, quota, gardens, construction.....you are my kind of woman! Wish we were closer we'd have a BLAST together!

  2. I use to help my mom make strawberry jam and grape jelly, but I have never made either on my own. Hope your fingers heal up quick. There is too much to do this close to Xmas!


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