Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Lunch And an Open House

Cat Haven, a "rival" rescue in town, had their Catmas Pawty Open House today.  We always go there, I am friends with their Executive Director Wendy.  She was the one who brought me into CAAWS all those years ago with my beloved Pepsi.

We saw some cuties there for sure.  Kittens and juvenile kitties, older kitties.  The friend I went with had each one in her hands I think.  And she told each one she wished they could come home with her.  I resisted though, and came home empty handed.  No need for a kitten in the mix right now.  Can you imagine that?

For lunch I made Oyster Artichoke Bisque.  OMG!  I licked the pot clean!  We will have that for dinner tomorrow with some Farmer's Market Hot House tomatoes and fresh mozzarella in balls with some garlic infused olive oil from Tuscany.  OMG!  And  fresh boule from Whole Foods. 

See my Christmas table runner?  From last year.  Frank thinks all those table runners are just in the way.  Maybe, but i like them. So we use them!

You need to ask me for the recipe, it was some good!


  1. yes, yes, please, the recipe... sounds fabulous. Looks fabulous, too!

  2. I almost bought artichokes today ... and I've been craving them since. Yes, please, share the recipe for Oyster Artichoke Bisque. I want some.

  3. I need that recipe. Sounds delicious.


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