Friday, January 3, 2014

A Day of Disliikes

Did you ever have a day where you disliked everything that happened?

Today is one of those days.

I hate dealing with telephone calls .  And I hate getting disconnected after I have waited for 15 or more minutes just to get a customer service representative on the line.  It happened TWICE.  They have a long long on hold time.  And bad music.

Then the dogs got into a tête-à-tête this morning which caused Hugeaux to be mouthed by McGee over a food bowl incident he didn't even know he was near.  Poor little guy got reprimanded for something he had no idea he had done.

So to save his life I took him home to his daddy (who admitted he missed him but made me swear I would not tell Carrie).

And that took up all day long.  It is just amazing how much time everything takes. I am amazed at all these people who say they got so much know who you are.  Miss Productive.  Can I be you???

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  1. Well, it is easier to be productive when you don't have dogs and a husband to contend with! LOL!



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