Friday, February 14, 2014

My Life is a Parade!

For the next two days anyway!  I had planned on having a bit of time to quilt this week but that didn't happen.

Space Dog
We spent the day today, Frank working on a proposal for work.  He was going to have it in by noon but his company randomly changes passwords and today his was changed.  But since he is not officially in any of the offices, no one knew that.  So he spent the whole day just trying to get into the system.
Wendy, kids, and Mustang Sally

And the parade set up starts tomorrow.  Moving the trailer to be loaded with parade stuff, then getting it to the parade site, then loading for home on Sunday.

I will have photos for you.   But I may not see you until Sunday night or even Monday.  Depending on how tired I am on Sunday.

I will be glad this is over.  Semper Fideaux! Service and Military Dogs!

But do come and see me and the dogs.  And do donate a few dollars to the Mardi Gras Money Match at

Help me get that Spay and Neuter Van into the low income areas of town this year!

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