Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pat and the Amazing Quilts

I have a friend, Pat, who makes amazing quilts.  Pat works all week in a wonderfully busy job, and comes home on Friday, sets up the 1975 Bernina on the dining room table.  Cutting is done on one end, sewing on the other. The family eats at the snack bar.

A quilt top is finished in a weekend.  Most quilts are sent to Charlene for quilting, remember her?  She did the Ellies Quilt for me.  But the combination of the two minds is what creates the beauty in these quilts.

27 of these marvels were shown at a guild meeting last night.  Interestingly enough, the guild is one of the most traditional of all the ones here in the area.  Among their ranks are quilt historians, civil war experts, museum docents and some incredible applique experts.

And the show was all about MODERN!  There was a lot of silence.   And a lot of gasps when they realized that Modern quilts are still quilts too!  Some eyes were opened that night!

I don't think minds were changed, but they did see how their beloved blocks could be used differently, put in modern fabrics, new colors, enlarged, skewed, flipped, spaced out, spaced in, twisted and stretched to create a new look.

Modern.  It was an incredible show.

Want to know the most amazing thing about the whole night, Pat is a man!  His wife works and gives him money to buy fabric!  LOL.  And she does not sew a stitch!

Who wouldn't love a man like that! Sharing a fabric addiction?

Bring it on, fellas!

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! When I did my lecture last September to a guild that was mostly traditional I loved the looks of shock and "is she crazy?"!


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