Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Little bit of Quilting -- Very Little, Beggers Can't be Choosers

Old Sicilian Saying.  I'll take what I can get.

Aggravating, this week my keyboard is refusing to type I's.  Auggghhhh!

So  am feeling better. However, Frank and Andrew are both worse.  They go to the act of sale tomorrow at noon.  There are still a lot of  boxes and stuff to do at the house.  We brought 3 loads in two SUVs to my house, they need an additional storage unit and it was too late to order one.  Frank said Andrew left large spaces for their furniture and could have consolidated it into all one unit.  But that is their deal, not mine nor Frank's.  Even though he doesn't think so.

We are stuffed to the gills and there is still one more load to come here.  I am sure we will all be fine, eventually.

Yesterday a package came with the dark black green batik I  ought for the back of the KerBloom.  I sewed it in the correct diameter and length and put it on the frame.  And got the backing up in place.  The top looks great since I fixed the two places that had skipped stitches, how does that happen.

Then, I realized I had no black thread.  Well, not enough.  This is a pretty large quilt.

I had to go to Hobby Lobby since no quilt shop was open and JoAnn's is across town in the worst of the evening traffic.

This weekend I have a beading seminar with Thom Atkins.  Look, he made a beaded fish purse!  I think I am in love.

Carol, I will bring Thom along with me and Michael and the Basset Boyz when we move in with you  in Vermont!


  1. I am glad you're feeling better and that you have the seminar this weekend–sounds like you deserve a break!

  2. Try some canned air around your I key - that should help!

    Enjoy your blog..

  3. I hereby grant you sainthood for bringing family in to live. Overlook the fact of how I may have gained this power.....


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