Monday, March 10, 2014

Design Wall Monday 3-10-14 - My gawd, dawlin', ya gotta be crazy!!!!!

I have been having a deal with this computer and the Photoshop Elements program I bought.  I sure hope Tracy is not having these problems!  Of course when I took it to Andrew on Saturday morning, he opened it right up.  Like the car with a horrible noise going to the mechanic!

I have so many things to catch up with, the bloc for the Modern Robin, the block for a modern swap with grey, a new Matisse for the series I want to do, and a new fiber project with some photos that Dee sent me this l weekend.

The Chicken Dance is still on the long arm, I just can't seem to get time when the dogs are not needing supervision.  And here it is another week and I missed a lot of opportunities over the weekend by running the roads with Frank.

Amy is holding it up while I snap the shot
So on my Design Wall is the Machine guilt that needs borders, something very simple!  This is Handmade by V and Co.  The fabric is an aqua teal ombre that gives the most wonderful shading.   ut you know what?  That is 390 HSTs!

My gawd, dawlin', ya gotta be crazy!!!!!


  1. Well, I've seen a lot of quilts tonight as I've been hopping around, but not one like this! It is so original and it works - I bet you're happy with it! Just beautiful and fun too! xCathy

  2. Wow! Photoshop elements is big time - I hear it's pretty awesome. Will be interested to hear what you do with it. Love the new pic at the top of your blog . He looks very regal overseeing the property .

  3. Your quilt is so very fun and inspires me to do one of my machine. TFS!


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