Sunday, March 16, 2014

Design Wall Monday and an OPAM Finish!

Happy St Patrick's Day!  Today was my father's birthday.  He was subjected to a lifetime of green cakes with green icing when I was growing up.   Whatever kind of father he was, he always ate those cakes!

I have a finish!  And a green one at that!  Another of the infamous Baby Quit Series.  This one is Baby 9 Patch with straight
in-line quilting.  I love it, actually.  I finished it while waiting for a friend's grandchild at a birthday party.  All the parents were really interested in the fact that I had made the whole thing myself.  They asked if I ever sold any, and several thought they might want some similar quilt for a child. 

So with another finish, my 12th for the year, I can put another UFO quilt on the long arm frame and count it maybe in March; certainly in April them.  I got really good with long straight lines on this last one so I think I need something where I can do another technique.

Maybe the Star I finished on the retreat.  Lots of open spaces in that one!

So what will I do this week.  Quilt a UFO!  

The other thing I want to get started is the Japanese Magnolia branch from my friend Dee's yard.  It is the first thing I have done with the new knowledge from that Photoshop class.  Are you not impressed?

Do you see where I added the 4th flower to the branch?  And filtered the picture as a photocopy sketch so I can trace the parts.  I know you are majorly impressed.  go ahead, admit it!  You know you are/

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  1. 12 finishes? You are on a roll! The baby quilt is so cute!


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