Friday, March 21, 2014

Off the Wall Friday - 3-21-14

My off the wall post is compromised by the fact that pollen  is trying do me in.  I have an appt with my doc this afternoon since I have tried every naturopathic remedy and technique to beat it, but the pollen is winning.  I will link to Nina Marie's blog so you can see some other fantastic stuff.

All I have done is to get the Japanese Magnolias blown up.  I cut the original page size print into 9 sections.  I took it to Office Depot for enlargement.  While there, the girl scanned the pieces into the computer and then sent it to their printer to be printed on an 8.5 x 11 sheet.  I realized I could probably do that with my Photoshop.  I just took some classes this month and am beginning to  play with the program.  I see great potential in it.   The pattern turned out to be about 25 x 33. 

The other thing I have been creating is my Tea Towel Quilt.  It is at a stage where I need to make a decision.  Maybe you can help me here. 

The Bobby is a blue, I have a blue that will work in the quilt if I use it sparingly.  I have mocked up a Star Chase block from the Block  Lotto.  I modified the Star Chase to be just the Chase part!

Look closely at it, does the blue work?  Or do I need to continue with the green-grey?  I tried to be subtle with the blue. 

Here is what the piece would look like with the Chase blocks around the center.

And I would have one or two more borders out from the chase blocks.  Probably low key ones as the center is pretty busy and I don't want to pull your eye out from the beautiful tea towel!


  1. Drugs, yes you need drugs. I am intrigued by the magnolia quilt :-)

  2. Well, since you asked...depends on what you want (wouldn't you know I'd say that?). The blue of the policeman is sort of the center, it draws attention, it is denser than all the other colors which appear greenish and grayed, a sort of fog effect. If you don't put blue in the border, the policeman remains the center of attention. If you put blue in the border, the eye will probably travel around the just depends on what you want! Good luck!
    best, nadia


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