Saturday, March 22, 2014

Reconsideration of the Diamond Quilt Fabrics

After that last post, I realized I was still uneasy about the fabrics I chose for the Diamonds quilt on Tuesday.  I had pulled some Dutch Wax Prints to pair with a batik center I had from 10 years ago.  they seemed to like each other but I was not happy with what we had pulled for the companion fabrics.  Through no fault if its own, the store is really not able to fill in as it is more modern and traditional than this quilt will be. 

I was never comfortable with the mix of fabrics.  So I got out a box that was buried under a pile of other boxes.  I never know  what will surface when.  And this box is a good argument for not ever giving away or selling any of your fabric.  You liked it when you bought it, right?

The box contained some of the fabrics I had purchased over about a year time period for the Ellies Quilt.  Some are the same fabrics and some are different but of the same colors and tones.  I do like them.  I also have a Moroccan Patch No  Work Quilt that I need to finish one of these days.  (It was intended to be my bed quilt, so I do want to finish it this year.)


I have some larger pieces that will fit with the pattern.  The large print is great for the center panel.

There are two possibilities for the half triangles.  One is the black on the left and another is the rust character print. 

I can come up with 18 pieces for the smaller diamonds.  And the black can be used for the sashing for one or more levels if not used for the half diamonds.

These are the two I purchased for the sashing and half diamonds for the Dutch Wax prints, and they do fit into the color scheme for the Ellie colors.

I think these are more pleasant for me to look at.  And I can leave the marfelous Dutch Wax prints for their original plan.

Much better, much better. 

I can take a nap now.

Yes.  Sleep and drugs.  More cough meds please.  Oh, nobody's home, gotta get it myself.

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