Tuesday, March 18, 2014

See Sophie, I Wasn't Lying This Time!

Here is the progress on the tea towel so far.

Yesterday I put a French Fuse on the back of the towel itself.  I was concerned about the looser weave and stretching.   Making sure it caused no  problem was just being proactive.

I already had the HSTs from when I started the first round at the retreat last month. Last night, with pre tea towel Jitters, I laid out the pieces I had collected and liked it.  Put a check in the approval box!

I was conscious about the busy aspect of the borders as I work with them.  So I feel compelled to include a stop border. 

I am wishing i had more of that grey green piece.  I got it in Lafayette and I am not sure I want to drive all the way down there and find it gone.  I need to call Charlene and see if there is more.  She is doing a long term sub at her school taming some young minds so I am not sure how much time she is spending at the store. 

Wow, I am liking the addition of each border.  It took a bit of time to work out the figures for for the blocks in the current last border.

I just had to see how it would look with the next borders getting dark.   LIKE!

I am thinking of those Star Trip blocks from the Block Lotto.  I am thinking that a dark background with the two yellows, or maybe some of the blue in there.  that might be a way to get that blue into the quilt.  I need to make one and maybe do a montage in the computer. 

I am so used to doing this on my Electric Quilt program.  But I am learning to adjust.  I rafted the border blocks on a scrap of typing paper, just like the old days!

I  liking it so far.  I think the star blocks in a dark colorway will be a great addition.  See. I have talked mmyself into them already.


  1. Your tea towel quilt is coming along nicely! How big to plan on making yours? I need to get mine done.


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