Saturday, March 8, 2014

There's Some Quilt Names in That There Blog Post

Some people have to go out to get good pizza.  Some have to pick up the phone to get good pizza.  I make it.

Growing up Italian I learned at the knee of some great Italian matriarch's about making spaghetti sauce.  Or, as they say in New Orleans, red gravy.  Betcha didn't know if you go to a true neighborhood restuarant in New Orleans and you order something that comes with gravy, they will ask you, red or brown.  There is no
white.  Just red or brown.

If you want a great New Orleans "really the way we cook" cookbook you HAVE to get John Besh's My New Orleans.    He talks about  growing up in the city, all the old restaurants, the way he learned  to cook.  The other one I recommend is Cooking Up A Storm by Marcelle Bienvenu. (Either is prefect for a wedding or shower gift or for someone who is hard to buy for and likes the South or loves to cook.  Yes!  Christmas presents early.)

After Katrina, when so many homes were destroyed sitting for weeks in muddy water, people had no idea what they had lost. Photos of life in New Orleans, their kids, their weddings, the treasures the collected over a lifetime.  But more than that, they also lost part of their cultural heritage in the recipes that had been collected from their mothers and their mother's mothers.  So Marcelle began to collect the treasured family recipes from the collective memories  and from the archives of the Times Picayune newspaper.  This is the way the people of New Orleans cook.  And it is good!  Oh yes, see the mud McGee is laying in?  He dug up my stevia plant from the pot he is leaning on.  Angel, my foot.

So far three Quilt Names.

Oh, yeah, pizza.  I made this glorious pizza for lunch today.

I am still no closer to the grey block with triangles, or my Modern Robin.  

We went to the Farmer's Market and ended up with only carrots and turnips.  I bough two of everything so I could bribe Andrew for fixing my computer.  I downloaded Elements and it worked, but then I hgot an error message and had to reload it.  I was playing with it prior to class and it was fine, but when I went to  just play a bit more, I had an error message and had to reload it.  Class was fine, worked for 2 1/2 hours and it was perfect.  Got home got the error message.  So  I uninstalled it, and couldnd't get it reinstalled.

Leaving the Farmer's Market Frank said he wanted to avoid the DIRECT route of the interstate because it was slowing a bit by Acadian Thruway.  So we went through LSU, out to Nicholson where they were lining up for the Susan B Komen Race for the Cure and had to detour.  So we missed the turn and ended up in GEISMAR which is like way way way out.  It took us an hour and a half to go what should have taken 20--30 minutes.  Hows that for trying to avoid traffic?

It is sunny here for a change.  There are bassets everywhere, in various postions of sunning.  They are so cute when they are sleeping!  Like little angels!  Oh yes, see the mud McGee is laying in?  (Ok, see the mud in which McGee lays?)  He had just dug up my stevia plant from the green pot he is laying against.  Angel, my foot!

So haw many Quilt Names did you pick out?


  1. I married an Italian. His mother was not Italian, but she learned how to cook Italian food and I remember how wonderful her sauce was (we always just called it sauce - what you would call red gravy). Well, she didn't like me. Why? I have no idea. Therefore I never asked her to teach me how she made her sauce. I wish I knew she how to made that tasty sauce. Your pizza looks fantastic! I need to learn to make sauce!

  2. Red gravy , mud angel - two good quilt names


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