Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bike Rides, Stars, Quilting and Big Girl Panties

We rode yesterday.  My butt is sore today!  But we did about 4.5 miles.

Today we rode to Dairy Queen and had Blizzards and Chili Cheese Dogs.  Against
the wind, it was a tough 6 miles. I was thinking about how many calories I was burning when I added the Blizzard to the order.  Well, if I had driven over there it would have been a 0, so it was a good addition to dinner!

the wind chimes on the deck are bonging away in the wind even now.

Wow, when I looked out at the wind chimes, I saw McGee barking at something on the ground. Ohhhhhh........I suspected snake and knew, with Frank gone, I needed to be the man of the house.  I put my big girl panties on, grabbed some dog treats and the snake killing implement, a flat head shovel.  It was a copperhead!  Now I am really freaked out from that.  And killing it makes me crazy freaked out.

OK, when my breathing and heartbeat gets back to normal.........I will continue


I  made the decision to take the Star Quilt off the frame.  I was having a problem dealing with the straight lines.  I figured I could
do better with a walking foot on the Singer.  I finished it up.

Trimmed up the sides and am now looking for the extra backing fabric I got for the binding.  With any luck it will be with the Airplane top.

 But then I am not sure I want to be sticking my hands into dark places I haven't been in a while.........
 I did notice an anomaly on the back.  While it was on the frame, I accidentally somehow attached some batting to the quilting on the back. 

So I removed it.  I will do a post on that tomorrow for you. 

I think I need a glass of Duck Commander Wine!


  1. Did you kill it? Omg, I would be screaming like a girly girl but then you got to do what you got to do. I am woman hear me roar, or kill as the case may be. I can NOT do straight lines so I don't even try. It does look good on that star though. I bought one of those rulers for the long arm but I have a sweet 16 sit down and you have to move the fabric with your two hand so unless I miraculously sprout a third hand I can't use it. Why didn't I think of that when I pain $15.00 for the damn thing? But I digress.

  2. How big was the snake? Why didn't you take a picture of it to post so we could see it? LOL! I am just kidding! It is just good that the dogs just bark at them and not get close enough to get bit. I have never had to do away with a snake, but I have offed quite a few bats. The last one at my brother's house didn't even bother me enough to get the adrenalin pumping. They just don't bother me that much. I don't discovering them indoors, but it doesn't get me too excited anymore.


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