Monday, April 28, 2014

Design Wall 4-28-14 - Quilt Patterns in the Sidewalk Even!

MMFabricChallengeGraphicI have a project on my design wall that I cannot show you.  I can, however, tell you what fabric I am using to make it.  It is my piece for the Michael Miller Modern Challenge.

I have a wonderful idea for the piece; it doesn't have to be a quilt, but it must be quilted.   I have been hard at work on it this weekend. 

I am also poised on the very edge of a finish.  The Star quilt has the binding on and it just needs to be sewn down.  I will do that this week nights.

We spent some time downtown avoiding the Earth Day Celebration and the stages that held live bands.  I really don't put that much stock into global warming claims and we were pretty sure they were going to try ot convince people it is real. 

Instead we stopped at Hound Dog's and met some friends; don't you love this face?  It covers the whole wall.

I did photograph some flowers in various places in town.  And we went to a new park on Constitution that was built to honor Victory Park that once stood on that spot in the 1800's.  I have never seen SnapDragons open like the ones on the right.  It must be a new strain of Snap. 

This is the view of the State Capitol  Building from the Pentagon Barracks.  The Barracks, in the shape of a pentagon, were the first place classes were held as what would become LSU.

We do a lot of biking up in this area.   Without the politicians on the weekend, the streets are pretty clear and open. 

This was imbedded in the walkway at the Victory Park.  It looks like it should  be a quilt. 

And these flowers were actually a very very very dark pink, they look washed out here because there was no sun at the moment and the flash changed the color. 


  1. The flowers are beautiful! It is still too cold here to even plant flower seeds! It was 45 degrees when I came to work this morning.

  2. Springtime is an awesome time of year! Great pics.


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