Thursday, April 17, 2014

Houses and the Evil Bead Lady

I worked on the Houses I want to present for the Louisiana Traveling Quilt.  It is coming down to the wire in getting them ready to send.  I got only one house and one tree done yesterday.  One tiny tree..........aughhhh!

As you can tell, or maybe not, I am trying for low volume.  Somewhat.  I guess that means no brights and wild colors.  We shall see.

And today I met Tracy for lunch and a trip to the Cajun Bead Store.  We had a great time with Lisette and her beads.  She admitted to stroking them when no one else was around.  I admitted to stroking my fabric and Tracy had knowing look on her face, but didn't admit to anything.

I decided I needed to do an undersea quilt so I  can add all the seaweed dangles on the edges.  And use the beautiful seaglass colors.

Then the Evil Lisette showed me a beaded rose and I just knew I needed to make a rosebush quilt with beaded roses all over it.  THEN..... she showed me some Southwest Kokopelli relics and I just knew I had to make one of those too!

Now I am going to have to restrict mmyself from the bead shop as well as the fabric shop and start counting my bead stash.


  1. Love your low volume, modern house. Looking forward to our travelling quilt bee getting underway.

  2. I'll be right over!! And I am only admitting to petting puppy dogs >:D

  3. I like the house as well, sort of wonky which is a good thing :-)

  4. I never bought a fat quarter that I didn't pet before purchasing! :D


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